Mar 29, 2014

Smart timez, smart watches & smarter savvy generation emerging.

Pebble puts critical apps and notifications on your wrist, giving you immediate access to what's most important.
See who is calling or get the most important emails and texts without having to pull your phone out in the middle of the meeting.There are apps, for everything. Want to track your runs, get notified when your team scores, or kick off voice nav without touching your phone? You’ll find the app for that in the Pebble appstore. Discover thousands of apps and watchfaces to customize Pebble to fit your life.
Visit: Pebble Smart watch. 

Sony Smartwatch 2, an upgrade from Sony’s 1st crack at the emerging smartwatch market. Although, before it resonated Smartwatch 1, it is a true contender given the current state of smartwatch technology. If this watch was not limited solely to Android phones, and included iOS and the iPhone into its fold, it would be ranked higher on any list of best smartwatches. For taking a closer look please Sony Smartwatch.

When you're hands-on with your destiny, you're always looking for the simpler solutions. The intuitively easy. The ingeniously practical. That's why you love your Neptune Pine. With unparalleled connectivity and an extensive set of features on your wrist, the Pine smartwatch does it all, without the need for Bluetooth-tethering. Leaving you to live smart and be free, to do whatever you do best, in every field of your life.
Check out the specs and the site Neptune

Mar 27, 2014

Affluent Male, luxury marketing research data.

I am excited to announce the highlights of our much awaited next whitepaper “The Affluent Male: What His Online Behavior Can Teach Luxury Brand Marketers.” We partnered with comScore to create a custom survey for the Affluent Male ($100K+ in HHI), and uncovered valuable information about his online behaviors and preferences, including device, advertising, research, shopping and brand preferences.

We embarked on this research because we saw an opportunity. To date no one has dug in to the detail of the affluent male and his online buying behaviors. This study establishes, for the first time, who the affluent male is, his behaviors and preferences towards devices, research and shopping, and how marketers can target and effectively communicate with this audience. The data shows that online shopping is the norm rather than the anomaly for the affluent male. He is connected through multiple devices and is using them for research and purchasing.

So that’s how this topic was born. We wanted to help our clients and the industry as a whole know this online consumer. Research seemed to focus on the the general affluent consumer, but nothing specifically about the male. What we learned will make every brand marketer happy.

by Andrea Wilson I Director of Digital Strategy - Luxury Practice lead.

Finest concept of Luxury, Automobile, 2014.

Ferrari & Lambo.
A Celebration of the finest Luxury Artisan's & Designers of the Automobile Industry.
We view some of the most unique visionary Creators of excellence !
Considering many of the work has been conceptualized over the years, nevertheless it indicates a promising future.

BMW & Audi.
Hats off such futuristic concept Artisan's !
As they push the boundaries of imagination and invite a new Horizon of innovation that embrace no limits.

Ferrari & Volkswagan.
One of a kind, school of minds where finesse speaks louder than words !

Mesmerizing aesthetics, dynamics and fine detailing that express nothing but the Galore of decadence.

Top 3 Luxurious - Do Not Miss Event of 2014 !

Raising the curtain on the new directions in Fine Watchmaking, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) set the stage for 16 prestigious Maisons which ended this January. Where all the precious was revealed, the latest timepieces in a profusion of creativity and expertise. The classic, subdued architecture is a backdrop to the individual style of each exhibitor and a Grand entrance to their world.
This 24th SIHH, as always, was an exclusive gathering where visitors discovers, before the rest of the world, creations that continue to seduce and surprise all.

Furthermore, the Top 3 Luxurious 'Do not Miss event' of the Year 2014 are;

Basel 2014
From the latest innovations of the timeless designs; from the classicism of Faberge to the modernism of the Baselworld, which brings together the best luxury watch and fine jewelry industry leaders. Set in a sophisticated space, the exhibition invites watch aficionados to either admire or purchase the high-end items on display till the 3rd April, 2014 at Basel, Switzerland

Top Marques Monaco
This award-winning event showcases the big luxury players such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati from the most intriguing Automobile arena; Franck Muller, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Ulysse Nardin one of the sponsor from the Haute Horlogerie, Davidoff, Taschen and Crystal caviar in the luxury section till the 20th April, 2014, Monaco.

Monaco Yacht show
If you are still there, enjoy an impressive display of Superyachts, by exhibitors such as FEADSHIP, L√úRSSEN, and Heesen Yachts, the Monaco Yacht Show is of course for connoisseur and the finest. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, this show offers the opportunity to catch the latest in super yachting till 27th September, 2014, Port Hercules, Monaco.