Apr 13, 2014

Buccellati Sun burst, 1st digital speakers to Gold happy plugs.

Sun Burst; iphone & ipad case by Buccellati

The famous Rigato etching technique, in which parallel lines are cut onto the surface of the metal to obtain a sheen effect. Atop the gold are sunburst designs made of white gold and diamonds. It was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of the sun. After having custom made a number of them on client request, a line was created for those who adore the texture and craftsmanship of Buccellati. Some styles are more classic, while others are unmistakably from the Italian house. And the cost of these delightful crafted workmanship iphone case is approximately $208,000, and ipad case $485,000. Surprised ? not with Buccellati, one should not. 

British Meridian speakers

The 1st digital loudspeaker marked the 25th anniversary of the British brand Meridian's very first digital speaker launch, the D600 in addition to their special editions. Following 25 years of acute research they decided to celebrate the occasion by creating a Special Edition series of three new models, the Meridian DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers, which are available to order. DSP8000 SE, the DSP7200 SE and the DSP5200 SE, featuring a "beryllium domed tweeter, new electronics and driver clam rings." Prices range from $10,000 to $80,000.
Now the question is whats the comparison like with Meridian and Bang & Olufsen

Happy plugs: Sweden

Music is getting exclusive too @ $14,500 !
Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition is a fresh take on jewelry. Upgrade your look with the most contemporary fashion detail of them all: Stylish quality headphones in 18 carat solid gold.
A Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm, makes the headphones by hand. 18-carat solid gold is molded into the shape of the Happy Plugs Earbuds and 25 grams of gold are used for each pair of earphones, which gives the headphones weight as a large jewelry.

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